How exciting! You're looking for free invitations for sleepover party which means you must be planning to have a slumber party very soon!

Well, if you're planning a Pajama Party you have come to the right place - because the first thing you must do in the planning process is to send out  sleepover party invitations - because without them, you just won't have anyone to sleepover with!
This site has many FREE invitations for a sleepover party and they are all sorted into categories in the column on the right.

When you have found the sleepover invite that is right for you, simply click on the image and it will open full size, then either right click on the image to save it to your PC for later - or - press CONTROL and the letter P on your keyboard to print however many copies of the invite you need for the number of guests you're inviting.

Don't forget to print up a few sleepover party coloring pages as a nice activity to do with your friends!

Below are some examples of the invitations you'll find on this site - to find them all, look through the CATEGORIES in the right hand column.  

Watch this really funny - but useful YouTube video about how to
organise the perfect slumber party - acted by BOYS!
  Our latest addition are these Rock Star VIP Party ticket style invitations (below) that feature The Jonas Brothers, One Direction, Selena Gomez, Bridgit Mendler and Taylor Swift - you will find all five by clicking HERE.
 Click on the images to see these free printable invitations
for sleepover parties at full, printable size!
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