One Direction Sleepover invitations - all these are free and printable -  if you're planning a slumber party, you might want to use one of these  invites if you are a fan of One Direction - just click on the image you like best and it will open full size - then just print however many 1D One Direction invitations you need for the number of guests you're inviting to your party. They're free and printable.

Buy One Direction cardboard standups!

One Direction Harry Standup
Click to buy Harry and for price!
 One Direction Liam Standup One Direction Niall Standup One Direction Zayn Standup
One Direction Louis Standup
Buy Louis!
Due to demand - I have also made a general One Direction birthday party (or any other kind of party)  invitation that you can use in case you are not having a sleepover. So feel free to print and fill in the blanks and personalise this invite with the details of your own party. ...and you're welcome!

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